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The INGED Conference

The 18th INGED
International ELT Conference
20 - 22 October 2017

A huge THANK YOU to
Istanbul Aydın University,
Preparatory School

Our heart-felt thanks to our wonderful Plenary Speakers:

Prof. Dr. Birsen Tütüniş
Prof. Dr. Peter Medgyes
Prof. Dr. Miroslaw Pawlak
Prof. Dr. Richard Smith

Program & Abstracts








The INGED Drama Festival

The 2017 Drama Festivals


On 6 May 2017
Hosted by Zafer Koleji
Poster & Results & Pics


On 27 May 2017
Hosted by MEV Izmir Güzelbahçe Okulları
Poster & Results



We thank our host
Onur Koleji, Ankara
for their generous
hospitality & support


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