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The INGED Conference

The 19th INGED
International ELT Conference
hosted by
Atılım University, Ankara

14 - 16 November 2019

Call for Papers


Proposals via:


Proposal due date:
31 May 2019




  • Atatürk started our Liberation War 100 years ago on 19 May!
    Our deepest respects to all
    who supported him and gave us our freedom...

  • It saddens us to announce the loss of our colleague and dear friend Meral Güçeri. We wish her family and friends strength and patience in these extremely sad days...




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Last updated: 13 May 2019

The INGED Drama Festival

The Ankara Drama Festival
Hosted by
Batıkent Uğur Okulları
12 May 2019


The İzmir Drama Festival
Hosted by
MEV Güzelbahçe Koleji
25 May 2019


The İzmir Primary Drama Festival
Hosted by
İzmir Gelişim Koleji
25 May 2019




Welcome to the INGED website!

INGED, the English Language Teachers' Association in Turkey, is a professional and educational association which aims to help English teachers and/or anyone involved with English language education to exchange professional experiences, opinions and findings, to follow the latest developments in English language education, to self-develop, and to develop English language education by using contemporary scientific methods and techniques..