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The INGED Conference

The 18th INGED
International ELT Conference
20 - 22 October 2017

Program & Abstracts



  • In loving memory of Serper Tümer
    Friend, colleague, INGED board member,
    wonderful human being...







The INGED Drama Festival

The 2018 Drama Festivals

Ankara (Since 1998)
On 26 May 2018
Hosted by Yukselen Koleji

Izmir (Since 2013)
On 26 May 2018
Middle Schools: Hosted by 
MEV Izmir Güzelbahçe Schools

Izmir (Since 2018)
On 26 May 2018
Primary Schools: Hosted by Gelisim Koleji





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INGED, the English Language Teachers' Association in Turkey, is a professional and educational association which aims to help English teachers and/or anyone involved with English language education to exchange professional experiences, opinions and findings, to follow the latest developments in English language education, to self-develop, and to develop English language education by using contemporary scientific methods and techniques..