Class Activities
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Should/n't have
Modals: The Aspirin Game
Relative Clauses: The Relative Clause Card Game
Revision: The Running Dictation
Revision: The Action Word Story
Revision: Kill the Word
Solve the Case
Silly Sentences
Wild Animals 1


Energisers & Warm Ups
Tongue Twisters
Vocabulary Revision
Classroom Rules - Negotiated


Collocation Practice: Add or Subtract
Collocation Practice: Use my Letter
Collocation Practice: Sequencing
Collocation Practice: What's Next?
Collocation Practice: Step by Step
Students Teaching Students
Homophones, Homonyms and Homographs
Health Activity
The Alphabet Challenge
Some Fun Slang
Recycling: The Story with Action Words
Movie Vocabulary
Everyday English: Abbreviations and Acronyms



Around the School
Welcome Back to School
Nouns, s. past: The Caterpillar
Adjectives for emotions
A reading activity
Peter Rabbit Listening Activity
It's Winter Time
Winter Games
Winter Months
Winter Fun
Winter Scene: Find the Odd Item
Snowflake Doorknob Hanger
New Years
Skiing Maze
Snowman Doorknob Hanger
Find the Hidden Picture
Five Little Monkeys
Humpty Dumpty
The Three Little Pigs
Find the Hidden Word
Mixed up Words
Ice Cream
It's Summer Time

Wall Summaries
Matching Headings
Brainteasers 1
Brainteasers 2
Using Contextual Clues in a Cartoon
Reading Race
Likes & Dislikes 3
Natural Disasters 1
Natural Disasters 2
Wild Animals 2
Famous People


The Fried Cat
Likes & Dislikes 1
Likes & Dislikes 2
Famous People 1
Famous People 2