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Dear INGED Members,

Founded in 1995 with the aim of bringing together English Language Professionals from all levels of education, INGED is proud to have completed its second decade in the ELT arena in Turkey. Being the first association of ELT professionals in Turkey, INGED owes what has been achieved to the dedicated support of its members. Training programs in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Local Seminars, one-day INGED Events, the annual Drama Festivals in Ankara and Izmir,  the International INGED Conferences are among what INGED has successfully accomplished so far, and we hope to widen the scope of INGED activities so as to better serve the needs of ELT professionals and to create an environment where members get together to exchange vocational experiences, opinions and findings.

With the fast-growing interest in learning English and English becoming the Lingua Franca, our responsibility as ELT professionals is also being challenged. Let's share our expertise to improve the quality of English Education in Turkey. We hope to see you virtually at our weekly ZOOM events and our 2021 Conference.

The 2020-2021 INGED Board


Prof. Dr. Aydan Ersöz
Vice President Dr. A. Suzan Öniz
Treasurer M. Akın Güngör



Dr. Büşra Delen


Associate Prof. Dr. M. Nazlı Güngör


Assistant Prof. Dr. Ceyhun Karabıyık

  • Conference, Social Event, Inservice Event Organiser

    Ufuk University, Faculty of Education, FLE Department
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Member Defne Akıncı
  • INGED membership, Conference Organizer

    Middle East TechnicalUniversity, School of Foreign Languages,
    Department of Basic English,
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