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Prof. Dr. Aydan Ersöz
INGED President

I have always had two roles in my professional life: a professor and a professional student. As a professor, I have taught classes at B.A., M.A. and PhD. levels, taken place in in-service training courses, given speeches, done research and written articles. As a professor, I have also realized that there is no end to learning and I will always remain as a student.

For both roles, I kept buying books and journals, collecting sources, reading and researching. My students who have realized that I have this strong addiction to learning helped me find more sources.

I don’t remember a day without having someone visiting my office and asking me for a list of sources that can help them get ready for an exam, improve themselves professionally or complete a research. The idea of making an essential bibliography for anyone interested in ELT came about as a result of these demands.

I am grateful to my colleagues and students who have helped me to update my bibliography. I should especially grateful to Nurdan Gürbüz who was a student of mine and who is now a very successful young academician at the Middle East Technical University. She has kept feeding me with the lists of new publications.

I hope it is beneficial and time-saving to come up with a list like this. We know that information changes. As INGED, we will try to keep it updated. Contributions are always welcome.

Best wishes.

Whoever ceases to be a student has never been a student.
George Iles